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NATURE’S GOLD Regeneratively Sourced Baker’s Bread Flour

Sustainability. It’s in our nature.

At ADM, Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. As an industry leader in grain sourcing and milling ADM are committed to our Sustainable Development Goals. We strive to find greener power solutions, improve energy efficiency and work with farmers to enhance our sustainable supply chain.

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ADM: Your Sustainable Solutions Partner

As the world grows more concerned about the need to slow climate change and improve the planet’s soil health, sustainability has become a corporate imperative. ADM can help you work towards this growing demand with one simple swap to our regeneratively sourced  baker’s bread flour and regenerative agriculture programs aimed at reducing environmental impact directly in your supply chain.

Your goals. Our expertise.

In 2021 we launched our ADM Sustainable Wheat Project, bringing together a group of pioneering farmers in the UK to map their carbon footprints over a 3-year project and understand ways to reduce them. Although this project is still on-going, the findings are already helping steer ADM’s support for farmers and has led to us expanding our regenerative agriculture and climate-smart agriculture programme to Europe, starting in the UK and Poland.

Local expertise. National scale.

ADM’s vast supply network and local project partners enable recruitment, support and grower engagement to help you deliver on your goals.


Solutions that drive impact.

Our Nature’s Gold Regeneratively Sourced Baker’s Bread Flour makes a turnkey solution for you to help with working towards achieving your sustainability and environmental goals. Made from wheat grown using regenerative farming methods and produced via our milling operations powered by 100% renewable electricity, this flour is the perfect choice of flour for bakers looking to boast premium sustainably sourced bakes.

Our network of British farmers is focused on improving their soil health and farm resilience by implementing regenerative agriculture practices. These practices will help restore ecosystems and safeguard our planet as well as assisting you with your ESG goals.


What is Regenerative Farming?

Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming that helps to rebuild the health of our soils while producing food to feed the world. The principles of regenerative agriculture system are based in Indigenous ways of land management and are adaptive to local physical conditions and culture and include:

  • Maintaining living roots in soil
  • Maximising diversity – crops, soil, pollinators
  • Minimising soil disturbance
  • Continuously covering soil
  • Responsibly managing inputs – fertilisers, pesticide

Leading the Way with Regenerative Agriculture Programs.

With our deep-rooted relationships with growers, ADM is uniquely positioned to help you address your climate goals and work towards unlocking Scope 3 reductions from field to finished ingredient.

The regenerative agriculture program has been successfully rolled out in Europe starting in the UK and Poland. It is a key part of the plan to support regenerative farming practices across 4 million acres globally by 2025. ADM initially launched its regenerative agriculture efforts in North America, and after successfully enrolling more than 1 million acres in 2022, expanded its efforts with a goal of covering 2 million acres in 2023.

Through our program, we are working with growers to identify and implement regenerative farming practices that reduce GHG emissions, improve soil health, protect water quality, sequester carbon and increase farm resiliency. We will work with key partners to utilise remote data collection and satellite technology to give participating growers crucial insights into the carbon footprints and sustainability performance of their crops.


The regenerative agriculture program rewards growers for implementing regenerative agricultural practices. The program is designed to work alongside new and evolving farm support programs in the UK to ensure growers get the support they need to undertake practices that will ensure the resilience of ADM’s UK supply chain.

We use mass balance sourcing to manage our sustainable wheat supply. This approach is commonly used in commodity trading. It enables scalable and economic adoption of sustainable farming practices, and helps us maintain traceability of supply across our milling operations.


How Sustainability Claims Impact Consumer Purchases

Discover what consumers say about sustainability claims versus what they do in the grocery aisle. Find out in this can’t-miss proprietary study from ADM: The Role of Sustainability in Consumer Purchase Decision Making.

Research shows certain sourcing claims drive the strongest impact with consumers. Find out which ones – and how ADM can help enable the claims and products narratives that differentiate your brand.


Nature's Gold Regeneratively Sourced Baker's Bread Flour

To help pave the way for the next generation of delicious, tailored bakery offerings that not only supports consumers’ desire to support sustainable agriculture but also ensures that they are contributing to a healthier planet with each wholesome ingredient used,  ADM has launched the NATURE’S GOLD Regeneratively Sourced Baker’s Bread Flour, available in 16kg bags.

This flour is the perfect choice of flour for bakers looking to boast premium sustainably sourced bakes, such as; artisan style breads, rolls, pizza bases and flatbreads (to name but a few applications), just simply swap out your usual white bread flour for ADM NATURE’S GOLD Regeneratively Sourced Baker’s Bread Flour! By using ADM’s regeneratively sourced flour, bakers will be supporting growers to adapt sustainable and regenerative farming practices.


Here are a few recipe ideas and suggestions – Let’s get baking

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