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ADM Milling UK

Linking the Supply Chain

At ADM Milling, creating and building partnerships is core to our business.  The aim of the ADM “Field to Flour Growers Club” is to further develop the long-standing relationships we already enjoy with local growers, to deliver the most consistent and highest performing flours with enhanced environmental footprint.

We have been connecting our primary flour customers with its Field to Flour supply chain for many years. This initiative will allow those partnerships to move to the next stage, addressing evolving market requirements and supporting a longer term focus on sustainable production within British agriculture.


Through this new initiative, we will incorporate new protocols for the supply of wheat into our seven flour mills, linking the supply chain from breeder to grower on new varieties that will improve the consistency, quality and functionality of the flours supplied to customers.

To join the club you need to

  • Be local –  Growers must be located within 75 miles of one of the following ADM flour mills: Tilbury, Corby or Knottingley OR Growers must be located within 100 miles of one of the following ADM flour mills: Liverpool, Edinburgh or Avonmouth


  • Be committed –  Growers commit to producing a minimum tonnage of ADM approved varieties of Group 1 or Group 3 wheat AND Growers purchase the seed from ADM Agriculture Ltd AND Growers commit to supplying a minimum of 290mt of one variety AND Growers store different wheat varieties separately AND Growers agree to ADM Agriculture Limited’s terms and conditions of purchase.


  • Be accountable – Growers agree to maintain suitable records to prove adherence to the principles of the ADM Flour to Field Growers Club. This documentation is to be available to ADM for audit purposes.


  • Be informed – Growers are encouraged to participate in biannual regional technical meetings where ADM will communicate any requirement changes, share performance data and give market updates to the ADM Flour to Field Growers Club members.
  • Be approved – Growers must be Red Tractor or SQC approved and all ADM wheat must be stored in accordance with these standards.


  • Be safe – Growers must maintain robust and auditable mycotoxin risk assessment and management plans. This documentation is to be available to ADM for audit purposes.


  • Be secure – Growers must maintain Sulphur levels at a level equivalent to 50kg SO2/Hct applied in the spring prior to GS30. Demonstration of this to be achieved by accurate documentation of addition application or plant sampling and analysis.


  • Be responsible – Growers agree not to allow any shooting to take place over the crop after the 2nd February through until harvest.


  • Be caring  – Growers must be either a member of or applying for the Entry Level Scheme of Countryside Stewardship, Greening or LEAF.

How to join?

If you are a grower and would like to explore how to join the Growers Club click here

Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

To learn more about our commitment to the environment by clicking here

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