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ADM Milling UK

Corporate Social Environmental Responsibility

ADM Milling UK is committed to being a World Class Corporation in its stewardship of the environment. We are investing in reducing our energy usage in both our trucks and mills, as well as investing alternative energy generation, such as the hydroelectric power plant positioned across the river to our Knottingley Flour Mill.

Our commitment to the environment

  • By being a World Class Corporation in its stewardship of the environment
  • Investing in reduced energy usage (trucks & mills)
  • Investing in alternative energy generation

How are we meeting our commitments?

  • We are committed to being a World Class Corporation in its stewardship of the environment
  • We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint within the UK
  •  A commitment to Zero waste into UK landfill
  • 100% recycling of all waste and packing materials
  •  We are members of a UK accredited packing waste recycling scheme
  •  All our UK Milling manufacturing locations have an Environmental Permit
  • ADM Milling UK has invested in a world class award winning Environmental Management System (GEMINI)
  • In UK we have aligned our Environmental Management system to ISO 14001
  • We have an internationally recognised Energy Management ISO 50001 accreditation
  • We have carried ESOS Energy reductions audits at our UK Mills
  • All UK Milling locations have a recycling champion to promote location best practice

Why focus on Carbon Reduction?

Aside from being the right thing to do, Carbon Reduction offers Opportunity. Growing demand for sustainable goods is driving carbon labelling.


Consumers are concerned and taking action! When it comes to sustainability, consumers are increasingly:

  • Checking labels for sustainability claims and traceability of supply chain
  • Reducing personal footprint by adapting more sustainable ways of living
  • Supporting brands with consumer activism and purchase powe

What are we doing?

Reducing the Footprint

ADM’s UK flour milling operations are carbon neutral

At ADM we are leading the way when it comes to meeting our customers’ sustainable supply chain needs and ESG goals.

ADM’s carbon neutral milling network offers meaningful advantages. We can help reduce supply chain carbon emissions and by partnering on regenerative agriculture programs, we can help achieve reduced carbon flour.

Unlike carbon credits, ADM’s carbon reduction efforts happen directly in the supply chain.

ADM Milling UK's Pledge

Encouraging the supply chain to increase its positive environmental impact

Scope 1: Our Transport Story

We have made commitments to strive for zero emissions when it comes to our vehicles:

  • We operate a modern HGV fleet which delivers more than 90% of our bulk flour deliveries nationwide.
  • We have invested progressively in new equipment, such as new trucks complying with Euro 6 standards, alongside enhancing our drivers’ skills.
  • As a result of these efforts, we have improved our overall fuel efficiency in excess of 10% over the last five years and plan to maintain this trend.
  • At the same time, we have worked hard to optimise our transport operations to reduce the amount of fuel that we use.

Scope 2: All of our flour is milled with 100% renewable electricity

We strive to find greener power solutions and improve energy efficiency and have made great advances in this throughout the past 5 years.

With the implementation of the ISO 50001:2011 energy management system throughout our flour milling locations we’ve created a culture of energy usage monitoring and saving.

What is ISO 50001? – Click here to learn more

Since 2017, Knottingley flour mill has received energy from a hydroelectric power station on the nearby River Aire.

Harnessing the flow of the River Aire, half-mile down river from the iconic Ferrybridge coal-fired power station, the 500kW Knottingley scheme (7 miles east of Wakefield) will generate renewable electricity for a local flour mill and the local electricity grid. It has been developed by Barn Energy, a privately-owned renewable energy project developer.

All of our flour is milled using 100% renewable electricity.

This commitment has been further enhanced by our commitment from 2021 to purchase all of our electricity from 100% renewable sources, thereby reducing our GHG emissions from milling operations to almost zero.

Encouraging the supply chain to increase its positive environmental impact

Scope 3: Farm-to-Table Transparency

ADM Field to Flour Growers Club - Linking the Supply Chain

The ADM Integrated Sustainable Supply Chain partners with the finest growers of the best possible wheat. Members will engage with ADM to help drive quality, innovation and service as well as delivering an overarching focus on improving the environmental way in which they grow their crops.

Learn more here…

Encouraging the supply chain to increase its positive environmental impact

ADM Agriculture / Cool Farm Alliance

“Our plan is to work with a collective of growers to establish base line data on CO2 emissions, water usage and bio-diversity and develop a medium term programme that demonstrates an improvement across these areas.”

From 2022 harvest, ADM have commitment to –

  • Paying a premium to growers to secure 40,000t of wheat.
  • In return, our growers have committed to measure their carbon footprint in year 1.
  • During years 2 and 3, they will reduce their carbon footprint in partnership with the Cool Farm Alliance.
  • Wheat from this agreement can be assigned to customer’s flour requirements.

Learn more about the initiative here…

Bespoke Customer Plans

Via ADM’s national network of farming partners and mills, we can build bespoke plans for our customers.

Critical pillars from customers ESG plans can be

included, such as –

  • Carbon reduction
  • Waste and water reduction
  • Responsible farming
  • Reduced food miles via local sourcing

Sustainability. It's in our nature

Corporate Social Environmental Responsibility

ADM is the bridge between the producer on the farm and the consumer-facing brands in our daily lives. Consumers around the world have made it clear that they expect the products they purchase to come from sustainable sources, produced by companies that share their values like we do.

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges our world faces, and it’s one ADM is uniquely positioned to solve. We are scaling up our sustainability efforts to meet the ever-expanding needs of global populations, and to give our customers the edge they need to navigate new consumer demands, shifting attitudes, and environmental challenges.


Downloads the latest report here

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