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ADM encourages farmers to reduce carbon footprint

A woman farmer examines the field of cereals and sends data via a tablet

ADM has made sustainability and environmental responsibility a key area of focus. “Strive 35” is the companywide global initiative target to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water usage, energy intensity* and waste to landfill by the year 2035.

Find out how ADM Agriculture has committed to support farmer suppliers in gathering carbon footprint data to increase the sustainability of raw materials entering ADM Milling’s supply chain and move towards zero carbon production.


Linking the Supply Chain – The story so far:

At ADM, creating and building partnerships is core to our business and we have been connecting our primary flour customers with its Field to Flour supply chain for many years. The aim of the ADM “Field to Flour Growers Club” is to further develop the long-standing relationships we already enjoy with local growers, to deliver the most consistent and highest performing flours with enhanced environmental footprint.

Through this initiative, members engage with ADM to help drive quality, innovation and service as well as delivering an overarching focus on improving the environmental way in which they grow their crops.

Discover more about the ADM Field to Flour Growers Club here.


Breaking News: ADM Agriculture launches grain carbon footprint scheme to improve raw material sustainability

Through ADM’s recent membership of the Cool Farm Alliance, ADM Agriculture has launched a contract with milling wheat growers to gather carbon footprint data to increase the sustainability of raw materials entering ADM Milling’s supply chain and move towards zero carbon production.

Scope 3 explained Scope 3 - Sustainable Agriculture

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How does it work?

The Cool Farm Tool simplifies the calculation of a crop’s carbon footprint by providing an easy-to-use online assessment that farmers can complete in 10 to 15 minutes. By entering data such as crop type, soil characteristics, fertiliser use, irrigation and transport, the science-based digital tool provides detailed information on greenhouse gas emissions across the growing process.

Ana Yaluff, ADM’s EMEAI sustainability manager, expressed: “Becoming a member of the alliance allows us to collaborate with our suppliers to offer the use of this tool to farmers in our supply chain free of charge. Together, we will track progress and analyse the impact of agricultural practices to enhance sustainability.”


World First for the UK Team:

Jonathan Lane, head of grain trading at ADM Agriculture in the UK, and his team are one of the first ADM companies in the world to start using the tool.

Mr Lane said: “We are acutely aware of the need to understand the amount of carbon used in the production of raw materials. If we can gain a better understanding of that, it will help us move the dial closer to zero carbon production and in doing so derive tangible value for those able to demonstrate lower emission production.”


Future plans and programme expansion:

The team plans to work with growers over a period of three to five years to capture data and evaluate improvements in greenhouse gas emissions, and will expand the programme with more growers over time.

The supply chain initiative aims to engage farmers and make them part of the partnership by providing them with contracts backed by ADM Milling and price security to better manage risk.

Ms Yaluff said: “As we expand the use of the Cool Farm Tool across our global supply chain, the solutions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions will depend on many factors, including local practices and resources that are available, and will most likely require multiple approaches that can be tailored to the needs of the farms.”

“Knowing where to focus efforts to enhance our carbon footprint will not only reduce environmental impact, but it will help us support farmers with improved market access and respond to the growing demand for sustainable products from our customers.”


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Footnotes & Sources:
* Energy intensity is a measure of how many kWh it takes to make 1 tonne of product.


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