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Why Partner With ADM for Sustainable Solutions?

Research indicates that Covid-19 is driving consumer demands around transparency as more people have become aware of supply chain issues that could potentially impact the health and safety of themselves, employees and their local community. Therefore, beyond “what’s in it?”, consumers want to know “where is it from?”, “how was it made?”, “who was the farmer or producer?”, and “how sustainable is the packaging?” Discover how ADM’s single partner solutions give you an edge in achieving your sustainability goals and meeting consumer expectations.

ADM gives you an edge in achieving your sustainability goals and meeting consumer expectations. Together, we can help amplify your efforts across all facets of sustainability.

ADM has a variety of programs that work directly with farmers, offering transparent and traceable sourcing solutions, and support sustainable agricultural practices that improve the health of our planet, and the well-being of people and communities.

Through our operations we are reducing our environmental impact, and developing new products and solutions such as renewable materials that further help you reduce water, waste and energy use.

Work with ADM to unlock an unmatched range of sustainable solutions that drive impact and improve our world.

Learn more about our global journey in this video

Or discover more at adm/sustainability.

Clean, sustainable and responsible – Let’s take a closer look

Brands can meet consumer expectations around ethical and sustainably sourced products by expanding sustainable packaging initiatives, ensuring shorter supply chains and supporting local communities. Through initiatives such as the ADM Field to Flour Growers Club, ADM’s 80-year old heritage in producing natural ingredients (including colours and flavours made from natural fruit and vegetable sources) and its clean-label friendly solutions, ADM delivers integrated, vertical connections from farm to finished product. We provide the foundation for wholesome nutrition with simple ingredients sourced from nature, supported by our technical know-how and focused on solving the most exacting baking challenges.

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ADM Field to Flour Growers Club

The ADM Integrated Sustainable Supply Chain partners with the finest growers of the best possible wheat. Members will engage with ADM to help drive quality, innovation and service as well as delivering an overarching focus on improving the environmental way in which they grow their crops.

Flour milled using 100% renewable energy

“Strive 35” is the companywide global initiative target to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water usage, energy intensity* and waste to landfill by the year 2035.

We strive to find greener power solutions and improve energy efficiency and have made great advances in this throughout the past 5 years. With the implementation of an energy management system throughout our flour milling locations we’ve created a culture of energy usage monitoring and saving. Since 2017, Knottingley flour mill has received energy from a hydroelectric power station on the nearby River Aire. This commitment has been further enhanced by our commitment from 2021 to purchase all of our electricity from 100% renewable sources, thereby reducing our GHG emissions from milling operations to almost zero .

We have also made commitments to strive for zero emissions when it comes to our vehicles. We have already converted 67% of our distribution fleet to cleaner Euro6 engines, and this process will continue over the months to come. 

* Energy intensity is a measure of how many kWh it takes to make 1 tonne of product.

Full taste from nature

30 years of experience combining raw materials, technology and know-how

Raw Materials:

  • Global purchasing of selected quantities of fruits
  • Fruits rich in flavouring substances
  • Selected origins and specific varieties
  • Fresh or deep-frozen fruits, purees or selected water-phases


  • Gentle extraction and distillation processes designed for the flavour extracts
  • Cold process maximizes recovery of delicate volatiles
  • Membrane technology applied to yield highly concentrated extracts


  • 100% Natural, clear, authentic true to fruit taste
  • Only contains flavouring substances from the named fruit (FTNF)
  • Can be used as recovery/add back extracts
  • High sensorial and microbiological quality
  • High degree of concentration
  • Wide range including Ethanol-free products
  • Standardized quality from crop to crop, season to season
The natural mint solution
The natural mint solution

Sustainable Management

Important accomplishments and benefits through the “Plant Science Program”:

  • Optimize farming practices and disease resistant plants
  • Minimize the usage of water, waste and farm chemicals
  • Provide research results for farmers
  • Integrated pest management program
  • Recycling of mint biomass

ADM Colours from Nature®

Technical Ingenuity, Formulation Know-how and World-class Colours

We unlock the beauty of nature to bring you the full rainbow of natural colours, providing beautiful solutions consumers will love across all applications spaces.

How do we do it?

Starting from nature, we globally source fruits, plants, and vegetables and use our technical ingenuity and formulation know-how to develop stable, and vibrant colour solutions to meet your needs.

Natural colour solutions

Global Sourcing & Production

  • Connection to farmers and long-term partners
  • Sustainable Sourcing and traceability
  • Continuous searching for new raw materials
  • Proprietary Extraction Technology
  • Global Footprint of Production sites and innovation centers


Complete Portfolio

  • Full rainbow of Colour from Nature
  • Full Range of Delivery Systems
  • Focus on Colouring Foods and Natural Colours
  • Patented Natural Blue
  • Patented Emulsion Technology
  • Clean Label and *Organic Solutions
  • Certifications & regulatory tailored solutions

*Selective range of Organic Colours available

Formulation Know-How

  • Robust understanding of full range of application
  • Proven performance and stability
  • Products designed and adapted on customers’ applications
  • Over 150 years experience in natural ingredients
  • Expertise in meat alternatives and plant-based solutions
  • Solutions for Cost optimisation


Market-Ready Solutions

  • Technical Colours Service supporting customer projects
  • Consumer / Sensory Validation
  • Holistic Product Development
  • Regulatory Support
  • Supply Chain Quality & Reliability
  • Combined with the full breadth of the ADM portfolio
Case Studies

Our sustainable ingredients can be used in several aspects of sweet bakery applications; sustainable fruits, vanilla or mint (organic, SAI-FSA) can be used in fruit fillings, compounds in cream fillings, or as direct ingredient in the dough (e.g. in the case for vanilla).

Click here to download some examples of how ADM’s full pantry of solutions can give your business the edge.


Contributing to the greater good. Making a lasting impact.

Through ADM Cares, we partner with organisations to solve challenges in three key areas:

Sustainable Agriculture icon

Sustainable Agriculture

Hunger Relief icon

Hunger Relief

Education icon 


Sweet Bakery Trends

Take a look our Sweet Bakery Trends (including the impact of COVID-19) 2020-2021 download to learn more about the challenges and trends of the cake, cake bars and sweet baked goods arena and the bakery solutions available to give your business the edge.

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Learn more about our extensive portfolio of Wholesome Nutrition ingredients plus complementary ingredients and key enablers to meet your needs for optimizing taste, texture, nutrition, functionality and cost factors at and or email the ADM Milling Team @ and the ADM Nutrition Team @

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