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Bakery Capabilities and Trends – Conscious Consumption

Moving forward, the increasingly thoughtful and mindful consumer will continue to catalyse changes in the food system and will look to companies to visibly demonstrate that their products, practices and systems positively impact communities and support the greater good.

A transparent product narrative provides additional touchpoints of authenticity, credibility and experience – representing products that connect to consumers’ awareness of the consequences of their purchases and to the deepening interest in the whole product lifecycle.

38% of global consumers say that they have made greater effort to seek out brands that guarantee the ethical treatment of farmers over the last two years. 

Source: FMCG Gurus, 2020

Linking the Supply Chain

At ADM Milling, creating and building partnerships is core to our business. We have been connecting our primary flour customers with its Field to Flour supply chain for many years.

Through this initiative, we incorporate protocols for the supply of wheat into our seven flour mills, linking the supply chain from breeder to grower on new varieties that will improve the consistency, quality and functionality of the flours supplied to customers.

The Cool Farm Tool simplifies the calculation of a crop’s carbon footprint by providing an easy-to-use online assessment that farmers can complete in 10 to 15 minutes. By entering data such as crop type, soil characteristics, fertiliser use, irrigation and transport, the science-based digital tool provides detailed information on greenhouse gas emissions across the growing process.

As an industry leader in grain sourcing and milling we are committed to our Sustainable Development Goals. We strive to find greener power solutions, improve energy efficiency and work with farmers to enhance our sustainable supply chain.


Good for me, good for us

Social welfare will increasingly become an important purchase criteria for consumers, as will expectations for greater transparency around fair compensation, benefits, and positive work environments. However, consumers will not take businesses for their word and will seek out proof points – from authentic narratives to certifications – to support this need.

Your Edge in sustainable Solutions –

Achieve your responsible sourcing targets and Environmental, Social & Governance Goals through our transparent supply chain, and sustainable sourcing and carbon footprint reducing programs, read more about this here

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