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ADM Milling UK

The new tankers are finally here..

ADM Milling wheat flour mills UK England Wales Scotland

New addition to the tanker fleet the first of two in this ADM livery.

As with previous builds this tanker is fitted with a 5 micron stainless steel air filter to safe guard product inside the tank against contamination. All fittings are made of stainless steel for higher levels of food hygiene, the tanker vessel is made from Aluminium. The tank air pressure release valve has an air silencer fitted to reduce the level of noise released to atmosphere after product delivery.

The engine fitted is a Hatz H50 stage 3b diesel engine which is equivalent to Euro 6 emission levels. This drives the compressor a CVS SiloKing SKL1100 which is set to operate at 1 bar (14.5psi).


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