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Soya Flour

Soya Flour is a very popular, all round ingredient. It is an effective binder, improves the handling and machine-ability in dough, has an attractive malty aroma and adds a smoothness that eases rolling.

Adds a brighter, whiter crumb to your bakes

Soya flour is an ingredient that is used in many food processes from baked goods through to thickening sauces and soups, in baked goods it improves the effects on dough handling and product quality.

There are two types of soya flour: enzyme-active and enzyme-inactive. Enzyme-active full-fat soybean flour is prepared without heat treatment.

The advantages of using 1-2% soy flour in baked items is that bread dough formulated with soya-fortified flour will have increased water absorption, less mixing time and decreased fermentation time. And cakes that utilise soya flour as a replacement for non-fat milk solids are more tender and have a better texture.

Enzyme active soy flour is often added at low levels to bread which results in a natural bleaching affect thus giving a whiter brighter crumb. It also functions to produce dough strengthening. In bread, the skin and crumb colour can be significantly improved by the addition of up to 2% soya flour.

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Adding Soya flour to your baked goods:Our extensive improver range has been specially formulated to meet the increasingly high standards in the demanding regulatory environment of today’s modern food industry.  Our improvers can help to extend shelf life, improve mixing, give a greater product volume and finer crumb structure.


Bredsoy is our full fat enzyme active soya flour milled from cleaned raw soya beans. It is a yellow, non-dusty flour with a slightly beany odour and flavour, which is declared on labels as ‘soya flour’.
Designed for fermented bread products to naturally enhance crumb softness, texture, structure and gives a brighter, whiter colour. Bredsoy also extends shelf life and improves water absorption, thus, increasing yields. The high oil content makes bredsoy an ideal non dusty base for improvers and premixes.


Trusoy is our enzyme inactive full fat soya flour and is milled from heat treated soya beans.
It is suitable in cake and confectionary applications, to extend freshness and shelf life, increase yields, and replace the fat in recipes without adding cholesterol. It also boasts a 12% dietary fibre content and is a high quality source of protein. 
Heat treatment deactivates the enzymes this makes TRUSOY suitable for use in many food applications:
Cakes, sponges and doughnuts. Scones, pancakes, batters and wafers. Fruit breads, biscuits and pastry. Sugar confectionery, cake coverings and fillings. Soups, pickles, sauces and salad dressings. Sausages, pie fillings and pates. Baby foods and health foods.


Growth and predicted growth in soya flour:

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