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Bakery Capabilities and Trends – Snackification

Next Level Convenience

The pandemic has caused some shifts which have led to a split in eating, snacking and sourcing behaviors – some of these changes will be permanent, others not, but the effects on the food industry will be felt for years to come.

Brick and mortar is still very much relevant, but as consumers move forward in an increasingly omnichannel world (Online, in a physical shop and/or by phone), they will be more intentional and strategic about where, when and why they shop.

From bulk shopping online to buying fresh groceries in store and getting their favourite take-away foods via delivery or pickup – and they will expect all formats to operate seamlessly.

4flour provides ADM Milling customers with a comprehensive and confidential account service. It is designed to make your business operations easier, by offering you the convenience and flexibility to order when it suits you.

The 4flour ‘customer portal’ enables you to view your account information with ADM Milling, from delivery to invoice.

4Flour is designed to simplify how you do business with us, and above all, save you time!

To register simply follow the below 3 steps:

“Online grocery penetration skyrocketed in 2020 due to the pandemic. Despite slowing down at beginning of 2021, e-commerce for groceries is still growing steadily (especially in the UK) and is expected to persist its relevance in the food retail market in the years to come.”



Snack for the better

Where meals provide an anchor around which life happens, snacks are entirely structured around and woven into established daily activities, such as a 10:30am cuppa in the office!

This enables snacks to continue fulfilling a variety of needs in consumers’ lives ranging from daily nourishment or in-the-moment optimisation to pure pleasure.

Quest for value: Global Discovery

Consumer desire for global flavors has been fueled by increasing diversity and exposure to a multitude of cuisines, flavours and food traditions. Global flavours can cue notions of higher quality, particularly when manufacturers and food service operators have a grounding in global culinary values.

Authentic narratives, regional specificity and foods linked to a locale and rooted in tradition can entice consumers to explore distinctive flavors, ingredients and cuisines from other cultures.

We use our insights and baking know-how to help you create great-tasting products with functional performance. Our downloadable recipes cards can offer you a range of different flavours and options for cakes, cupcakes, loafs, gateuas and much more.

Our teams partner with you from concept to finished product to create a baking solution that works synergistically across taste, texture, nutrition, functionality and cost requirements, and we do this so your products can be ready for snackification!

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