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Bakery Capabilities and Trends for 2022 – Go viral

Go Viral and become technology enabled

Virtual interactions – whether through video conferencing or social media outlets these have been imperative, connecting people across the globe with friends, family and even companies or brands especially in the last couple of years.

Technology has facilitated our transition away from top-down distribution of goods, services and knowledge and toward a fully participatory and connected culture in which consumers, producers and authorities are in constant dialogue.

Searchable and quality content

If you count how many times you use internet in a day, you will be most likely to conclude that the internet is almost always present in various activities in your daily routine.

From contacting families, friends and colleagues, to finding directions and even for ordering groceries, the internet has revolutionised the consumer expectation of constant connectivity, convenience and instant availability of information.

Digital platforms and media – while also playing a role as a source of entertainment – facilitate discovery and sharing of making and trading food recipes, food traditions, food ideas and food products. Unboxing of mystery bags has recentily gone vrial on platforms like tiktok, something so simple yet reaching millions of people every day.

4flour provides ADM Milling customers with a comprehensive and confidential account service. It is designed to make your business operations easier, by offering you the convenience and flexibility to order when it suits you.

The 4flour ‘customer portal’ enables you to view your account information with ADM Milling, from delivery to invoice.

4Flour is designed to simplify how you do business with us, and above all, save you time!

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We use our insights and baking know-how to help you create great-tasting products with functional performance.

Our teams partner with you from concept to finished product to create a baking solution that works synergistically across taste, texture, nutrition, functionality and cost requirements, and we do this so your products can be ready to go viral!

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