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Welcome to the family…

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With an ongoing commitment to world-class origination and transportation networks; ADM Milling UK is proud to showcase some new additions to its UK fleet.

Our delivery services range from bulk flour tankers delivering to customer’s premises several times a day, through to 16 kg bagged flour supplied to craft bakeries.

The latest additions to our fleet are three VOLVO FM 430 8×2 bulk tankers.

These vehicles are supplied with a 10.8 litre engine and comply with the latest emission regulations that are being steadily applied by the UK government for all heavy trucks – particularly in urban areas.

In addition to complying with high environmental standards, each vehicle has all round vision that includes four cameras, this provides protection against blind spots and includes a side safe system that can alert the driver if an object appears in a dangerous position by the vehicle. Major UK cities such as London now require all round window vision and these trucks are fitted with additional floor level door windows. Other safety features include audible warnings to alert pedestrians and cyclists when the vehicle is turning a corner.

An additional food safety feature of the Volvo truck is a Gardner Denver compressor which is specifically designed to be contaminant and oil free which gives added assurance.

Driver safety features include a steel safety cage, generous door opening angle, anti-slip and illuminated steps to provide safe entry and egress. In addition to pre-delivery inspections by the manufacturer, our internal transport team puts each vehicle through a full commissioning process. The first tankers are starting to make their deliveries from our mill in Tilbury, Essex with more to come across the UK.

Since the re-brand in 2019, ADM Milling in the UK has been working behind the scenes to shape the new branding to reflect the visions, strategy and excellence that our customers know and respect. Several bulk and bag transport vehicles have been updated with our new livery with more planned soon.

If you spot one of these re-branded vehicles making a delivery to your business, why not take a selfie and send it to

Drive safe!

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