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ADM Milling UK

Spelt Bread Flour

Spelt Bread Flour by ADM Milling


ADM Wholemeal Spelt Flour Product Code: 4369-25

ADM Light Spelt Flour Product Code: 4370-25

With a very similar appearance to wheat, spelt has a tougher husk, this helps protect the nutrients inside the grain. Flour made from spelt has a nutty, slightly sweet flavour.

Speciality flours, including those made with grains other than wheat (e.g. spelt, rye), have helped boost sales over the last two years and with that in mind ADM is proud to introduce our latest product launch with two spelt offerings, these flours can add rich flavours & nutritional goodness to each of your bakes.

Spelt bread flour recipes can be found below.

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