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ADM Milling UK

Doughnut and Bun Concentrate

Stack of assorted donuts on black and blue cement background. Blue glazed doughnut with sprinkles on foreground. Copy space. Shallow DOF

Product Code 30-20-16

The doughnut category is always seen as quite fun and light-hearted which can allow for creation with colours, textures, and flavours. By using the mix you can create a wide range of ring or filled – either traditionally with jam or perhaps with a twist, such as a pineapple filling and decorated with desiccated coconut to create a pina colada flavoured doughnut. They can be glazed or topped with a variety of coloured and flavoured icing and why not add your favourite dunkable biscuit, such as a Jammie Dodger, Lotus biscuit or cookie.


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