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Introducing the NATURE’S GOLD Premium Baker’s Flour (1.5kg)

NATURE'S GOLD Premium Baker's Flour - White

At ADM Milling our ingredients and expertise bake all the difference. Every day we use our global insights, resources and innovation to deliver superior flours to our craft baker and food manufacturing customers.

Now we bring the same reliable flours and commitment to you the home baker. Giving you professional grade ingredients that will help you on your journey to creating truly artisanal products at home, whether baking your favourite loaf or trying something new.

Introducing the NATURE’S GOLD Premium Baker’s Flour (1.5KG)

A premium strong white bread flour, for bread, rolls, pizza bases flatbreads & ciabatta.

Available in 1.5kg bags; packed from our Chancelot Mill, perfect for you the home baker.

Features and benefits

ADM provides superior flours and blends to give you a consistent bake, batch after batch and loaf after loaf.

Our new Bake At Home web pages, feature fantastic and easy to use recipe suggestions as well as handy tips and techniques.

NATURE’S GOLD Bake At Home is a premium solution for you the home baker, providing you with access to our highly respected and trusted products as used by professionals across the UK bakery industry.

Sustainability. It’s in our nature.

As an industry leader in grain sourcing and milling we are committed to our Sustainable Development Goals. We strive to find greener power solutions, improve energy efficiency and work with farmers to enhance our sustainable supply chain.

Traceability is key

We purchase all of our electricity from 100% renewable sources, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions from milling operations to zero.

We are working with farmers who are committed to measuring and reducing their carbon footprint from wheat growing.

Our Bake at Home bags are fully recyclable


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