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ADM Milling UK

Knottingley: River Hydro-Electric Scheme

ADM Milling KMK Hydro plant environment

A new project at ADM Milling UK’s facility in Knottingley is set to deliver cost savings while ensuring that the mill operates in an environmentally sound manner.

The Knottingley mill, which sits adjacent to the River Aire, will soon operate on 40 percent renewable energy from a newly constructed hydropower station. ADM’s commitment to the project was cited as a key factor in the developer’s decision to move forward with construction.

To ensure that no wildlife is impacted by the project, the hydropower station includes a “bypass” for salmon and eels, both of which thrive in the river.

“This is great for the environment, a great cost-saving measure for our operations, and it also enhances ADM Milling’s ‘green’ credentials amongst our customers,” said Tim Cook, managing director, ADM Milling UK.

For further details and progress photos please click here

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