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Veganuary and plant based insights 2023

Veganism is here and is having a massive impact on eating habits, with over a third of the British public approving of or even trying the diet. It is predicted that plant based options will increase across the food industry, therefore, it is integral that those within the baking industry cater for this growing market.

In 2020 Veganuary had an estimated 2 million people take part with that number growing to 4.6 million in 2022. Just under 10% of the UK population.

This Veganuary, ADM Milling have varying ways to help our customers introduce themselves to the Vegan/Plant based customer, whether that be providing insights on the category and consumer, or sharing delicious Vegan friendly recipes that can be produced with our flours.

Did you know… Veganuary is charitable organisation that was started in 2014. The concept is for the public to try a vegan diet for the month on January, in hope that the person trying the diet will like it and carry on incorporating more plant-based food into their diet.


Pillar 1 – Increase in customer base through inclusive products and marketing.

  • By offering vegan options bakers can appeal to wider range of dietary preferences and make their goods accessible to larger number of people.
  • Market to flexitarians rather than just vegan by using key words such as “plant based” and “suitable for”

This inclusive language and product spread will keep customers feeling included and happy.

Pillar 2 – A loyal customer based willing to pay for premium baked goods.

  • Offering vegan options differentiates bakers from the crowd as many traditional bakeries do not offer vegan options.

Bakers that differentiate will be able to build loyalty with vegan customers and should consider charging a premium due to the limited vegan options on offer elsewhere.

Pillar 3 – Positive increase of reputation for sustainable businesses.

  • Vegan options have lower carbon, water and ecological footprints
  • Offering vegan options is seen as sustainable by consumers.

This repositioning has the potential to lead to greater profits as customers will pay more for sustainable products.

ADM Milling can help our customers accommodate for those on a plant based diet, especially as flour itself is a vegan product. This means our core range of flours are all perfect for an array of Vegan friendly baked goods.

Our vastly experienced team of bakers and food scientists have created some amazing recipes, which use our core range flours. These include the following –

  • vegan brownies

  • vegan lemon pound cake

  • vegan chocolate fudge cake

  • vegan chocolate chip cookies

ADM are proud to share with you:

Download the Veganuary trends report here

Watch our video:

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