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ADM Milling UK

Safety Guaranteed from Field to Silo



Transparent. Traceable. Responsible.

At ADM, we understand the importance of food safety and traceability throughout the entire chain from the field to our customer’s silo.

We are continuously reviewing, monitoring and improving our procedures, equipment and knowledge to ensure that we have the best in class protection when it comes to food safety; providing our customers with the consistent quality and service that they expect.

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From Farm to Mill

UK millers follow a series of rigorous guidelines and testing procedures to ensure that the wheat they buy and the flour they produce is safe to be eaten.

Every load of wheat arrives at the mill with certification on important legislative and food safety requirements (identified before purchasing). To find out more visit

We (ADM Milling & ADM Agriculture) partake in all of the industry schemes and invest in the latest equipment to ensure that we can be proud and confident when we say that we are best in class when it comes to food safety. Learn more below about how we do this.

Assured wheat

  • We only purchase wheat from assured sources, such as Red Tractor or Scottish Quality Crops. – For wheat to be classed as being from an ‘assured’ supply it must be grown by farmers who adopt best practice, keep traceability records, and who are independently audited.
  • We collaborate with the UK Flour Millers and our growers to mitigate the risk of lead shot in wheat, by agreeing not to allow any shooting to take place over the crop after the 2nd February through until harvest.
  • The importance of the impact of lead shot on soils and crops is conveyed through industry conferences, presentations and farmer visits to our mills.


Wheat testing at mill intake

  • All wheat is checked for food safety hazards when it arrives at the mill.
  • We have invested in the latest state of the art quality investigative equipment, which allows accurate analyse of wheat on intake and to quickly share the results with the merchant/grower.
  • Through this open dialogue and testing of quality we are continuously improving relationships throughout the supply chain, which in turn improves quality and consistency for our customers.

Testing throughout the milling process

  • We apply HACCP (hazard analysis, critical control points) systems throughout the milling process to remove all hazardous material.
  • These systems are continuously monitored and investment made on the three PsPeople, Plant and Procedures – to ensure that our People are trained to the highest standards, our Plants are equipped with the best equipment, and Procedures are adhered to, regularly reviewed and adjusted if required.
  • All new investment projects undergo a Food Safety pre-mortem, and are reviewed throughout the project.
  • Metal detectors for food provide effective protection against metals. They are installed at every step of the production process. Following recent evaluations at our sites we have added further best in class metal detectors at additional touch points, increased the strength of the magnets and reduced the size of the redress.
  • Our new bag packer system at ADM Tilbury boasts all food contact areas are stainless steel, world-class metal detection and bottom up filling of the bags to minimise flour dust. – This is one of the first such packers in the UK.


Testing before it leaves the mill

  • Our technical team undertake routine testing of the flours we produce to monitor physical and chemical qualities as well as the functionality for the relevant application. We have onsite facilities that mimic plant bakeries so that we can test the performance of the flour.
  • We are excited to be investing in new equipment to help us further understand flour quality, such as starch functionality and latest C-Cell instrument, which allows us to see crumb structure in colour and characterise a broader range of products.

From Mill to Silo

Management of our own fleet

Our complete nationwide coverage means that we can serve you wherever you are based. We help you reduce your food miles by supplying locally which safeguards your business continuity. We offer high levels of customer service on dedicated vehicles.

We are proud of our fleet of vehicles and as in all other aspects of the milling process, food safety is paramount when delivering our products to you, the customer, to the highest industry standards. Learn more about some of our unique best practices that make us industry leaders when it comes to making your all-important delivery:

In-house tank cleaning expertise

  • Scheduled tank cleaning in line with operational requirements to ensure that maximum hygiene is maintained.
  • We have invested in a purpose built cleaning station at our Corby mill.
  • Cleaning is carried out by fully trained staff.
  • All cleaning is certified.


Delivered on dedicated vehicles

  • We have a large in-house fleet and employ our own drivers.
  • Any subcontracted deliveries are made via trusted 3rd party tank operators, who operate to ADM’s strict control procedures.
  • All loading and unloading of bulk tankers is carried out in a carefully controlled environment following strict guidelines.
  • All of our fleet have dedicated tank air compressor discharge systems (read more about this below).

Dedicated tank air compressor discharge systems

  • Commonly the power to supply the air compressor to discharge flour is provided by a connection to the tractor. This means that the hose between the tanker and tractor needs to be connected and disconnected at site (this adds to the possibility of contamination of product). This is not the case however at ADM! With our dedicated tank air discharge systems, the tanks are fitted with their own power packs which allows for air to be supplied to the compressor directly from a permanently fixed air line.
  • The air supply systems are fitted with 5 Micron filtration to protect the flour. The flour is fed through a specially designed cone to capture any foreign bodies. This is the final safety check in the flour’s journey to the customer.
  • A unique sight glass is also fitted to allow monitoring of flour on discharge.

Compliance/Conduct Guidance

  • Highest standards of compliance are adhered to. We are trusted to operate in the right way.
  • Fully trained delivery crews for both bulk and bagged deliveries are fully conversant with the latest food hygiene regulations and procedures.

To learn more about partnering with ADM Milling UK to meet your sustainability and food safety goals email the ADM Milling Team at or speak to your local ADM representative.

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