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Join Fibre Feb with ADM’s range of spelt & rye flours


The healthiness of bread will remain a key consumer concern now and going forward. Learn more about this rising trend and how ADM’s new range of spelt and rye flours add rich flavours & nutritional goodness to each of your bakes.

New Wholemeal & Light Spelt Flours now available!

Try adding sunflower & pumpkin seeds or dates, raisins & walnuts to your bakes.

Keep reading for more information on these delicious new products.


While the government has renewed its pledge to fight obesity, eating healthily has become a higher priority for nearly a third of consumers since the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, providing consumers both with the benefits they find appealing in bread and those they would wish to gain from an ideal diet will be crucial in order for brands to navigate the post-COVID world.

The healthiness of bread has and will remain firmly on consumers’ radar, with 62% of UK adults trying to eat healthily all or most of the time. This rises to 70% among over-65s, reflecting how people tend to become more health-conscious as they get older.

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High/added fibre claims have been gaining share of launches in the food category for a number of years, as fibre’s role in both good digestive health and health overall continues to be discussed in the public arena. Indeed, 68% of people agree that actively looking after your gut health is essential for overall health

Meeting consumer demand with ADM baking solutions

ADM Spelt Flours

Speciality flours, including those made with grains other than wheat (e.g. spelt, rye), have helped boost sales over the last two years and with that in mind ADM is proud to introduce our latest product launch with two spelt offerings, these flours can add rich flavours & nutritional goodness to each of your bakes.

With a very similar appearance to wheat, spelt has a tougher husk, this helps protect the nutrients inside the grain. Flour made from spelt has a nutty, slightly sweet flavour.

Download the Spelt Bread recipe cards for a range of ideas on how to bake highly textured and nutrient-rich baked breads such as sunflower & pumpkin, peach & raisin or keep it classic with a white tin loaf.

Spelt is an Ancient grain and belongs to a group of unrefined wheat varieties. Ancient grains are back in popular favour and is a trend that continues to grow and can firmly now be found in the health food market

ADM Rye Flour

Rye flour is becoming more popular in the consumer world for all of the right reasons. It is a rich, hearty grain that has been consumed for centuries.

The Rye grain is packed full of iron and magnesium and even packs a bonus helping of zinc too, so by introducing rye into the diet can assist with the control of blood pressure and can be effective at lowering cholesterol levels.

With a mild flavour that’s nutty, earthy, and slightly malty, this flour can be used to make rye, sourdough and wholemeal breads.


Bread with bits continued to grow its share between 2019 and 2020, benefiting from its healthier and more interesting image than plain varieties. This segment has continued to enjoy active NPD, as bread brands look to appeal health-conscious consumers and buck the long-term decline of the overall category

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