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Fibre Focus

Our Ingredients Bake All the Difference


ADM offers a very comprehensive portfolio of tried-and-tested flours, on-trend and specialty milled ingredients, baking mixes and complementary ingredients—all backed by over a century of milling experience. Our bakers, millers and technical experts are at the ready to help you select the right ingredients for better baking results and to achieve your business goals faster.

Why Fibre is important to bakers?

Studies have not only shown the benefits in health and nutrition, but also how fibre can change and improve the texture of goods to a refined and artisanal feeling. Fibre is an essential nutrient that plays a critical role in maintaining the overall health of an individual. It is particularly important for bakers as it has a range of benefits that can improve the quality and performance of baked goods.

Taste and Texture

Fibre can provide a more desirable texture by increasing the viscosity of the dough, which can lead to a better rise, a more uniform crumb structure, and a more satisfying chew. Fibre can completely change a product for the better, some fibres increase volume and improve structure whilst others may enhance the crispness and snap (Berry, 2020).

Health Benefits

Another benefit of fibre for bakers is that it can improve the nutritional profile of their products.

Incorporating fibre-rich ingredients such as whole wheat flour can increase the overall nutritional value of the baked goods, making them a healthier option for customers.


We are excited to announce our new product Mulitseed Concentrate Mix is now launching, this concentrate is bursting with fibre boosting seeds, bran and oats and is great for increasing your daily intake of fibre whilst tasting great.



Why not check out the ADM recipe brochure where you can find a wide range of products including our new Multiseed Concentrate Mix and our high fibre recipes that can help up your fibre intake. Download the Fibre Focus Recipe Brochure here and then read more about why fibre is an important part of your diet with our trend deck.

Learn and read more in our Focus on Fibre Trend Deck 

And catch up on our short introductory video here: 

Fibre is an essential nutrient that has a range of benefits for bakers. As the number of consumers who are health conscious continues to grow, a great tasting and nutritional product can greatly increase the chances that customers will return if their needs are met.  ADM Milling not only provides the products needed to attract this market but the quality will hopefully keep them loyal to many a baker.

For further information on our NEW Multiseed Concentrate Mix, complete the form below: 

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