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Doughnut Trends 2023

Brand extensions have remained a trend. Seeing numerus cake, cake bars and sweet baked good launches that combine two types of cakes into one product, continuing a trend that started in the early 2010s with the cronut – a hybrid between a croissant and a doughnut.

Steps to showcase innovative elements on pack or on shelf should be taken by considering the utilisation of Point Of Sale; detailing innovative taste combinations to entice customers.

The Rise of the Doughnut

The doughnut category is always seen as quite fun and light-hearted which can allow for creation with colours, textures, and flavours. The trend of the hybrid continues; it started with the ever-popular cronut and has now expended to cannoli, biscuit combinations, and brioche doughnuts.

Being visually appealing is one of the two most important qualities influencing the choice of one product over another.


A very high proportion of people (91%) eat cakes, cake bars or sweet baked goods, showing that despite the consumer and government focus on health, most people’s mindset of everything in moderation ensures ample room for treats

The doughnut can be viewed as a blank canvas that can be customised in so many ways, whether it be ring or filled – either traditionally with jam or perhaps with a twist, such as a pineapple filling and decorated with desiccated coconut to create a pina colada flavoured doughnut. They can be glazed or topped with a variety of coloured and flavoured icing and why not add your favourite dunkable biscuit, such as a Jammie Dodger, Lotus biscuit or cookie.

Limited additions are not only are a great way to try new flavours, textures, and colours but also fantastic way to embrace seasonal flavours such as rhubarb and custard, strawberry and cream for summer flavours then moving into toffee and apple and black cherry and chocolate for autumn and winter months.

Making a rotating and or limited addition element part of the cakes and sweet baked goods can offer help and add excitement and anticipation through giving a new twist to products.

Consistently delivering the perfect fresh doughnut time after time!

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Use ADM’s Doughnut and Bun Concentrate and/or Bun Mix to add value to your business, and create your own delicious, eye catching buns and doughnuts to wow your customers.

ADM Doughnut and Bun Concentrate:

Use 50:50 with flour. Only requiring the addition of yeast and water.

Ideal for a full range of bun products, as well as yeast-raised doughnuts, produced through a no time dough process.

ADM Bun Mix

Only requiring the addition of yeast and water.

Used for a full range of morning, sweet and savoury goods, produced through a no-time dough process. Such as, plain buns, fruit buns, round loaves, Chelsea buns, Victoria buns, cinnamon buns, butter buns, hot cross buns, Easter bread and even Danish pastries.

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