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Bakery Capabilities and Trends for 2022 – Purpose

The Best Out of
My Whole Self

As health and wellbeing are more openly discussed in the community, consumers are increasingly more accepting of their imperfections and aims to strengthen their strengths.
“…An important element of this philosophy for consumers is the diligent monitoring of health and well-being by listening to their body and mind while balancing physical and emotional needs…”
Source: ADM 2022 Global Consumer Trends Report


Consumer’s Choose Balance  

How consumers viewing their self-care moments from a new, positive angle

Befriending Indulgence

Many consumers see a role for indulgence in a healthy relationship with food, but they aim for purposeful—not reactive or mindless—indulgence.
In the future, consumers are aiming to be more mindful in the snacks they consume and closely monitor consumption of products which are not aligned to their lifestyle goals.
Irrespectively of what consumers say about leading healthier lifestyles, indulgence is the key driver for snacking instead of health-related reasons according to FMCG gurus research.
Consumers feel that indulgence and snacking should no longer be drawn in an entirely negative context – with the right choice of products and enough will power, snacking can fulfill a variety of needs, ranging from daily nourishment or optimisation to pure pleasure or simply something to do out of boredom or stress.
This consumer view indicates the potential of purposely-crafted snacking products within the increasing emergence of undefined eating occasions.


45% Of global consumers stated that they like to enjoy the occasional moment of indulgence where they pay little-to-no attention to nutritional intake.


EMEA Bakery & Snack Bars Launch of Products with Vegetarian/Vegan/Plant-Based Claims (2017-2021; n=16,763)

The ADM Vegan Range

Providing bakers with versatile, time-saving and easy-to-use solutions to create a vegan-friendly range of delicious sweet bakes.

Because following a vegan diet shouldn’t mean compromising on great taste and texture and customers should be able to expect to enjoy the same delicious bakery products regardless of their food lifestyle choices.




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