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Assorted Rolls

ADM offers a comprehensive portfolio of tried-and-tested flours, our Assorted Rolls Insights will help you select the right products for better baking results and to achieve your business goals faster.

Cost of living

The current income squeeze is expected to continue throughout 2023, as any return to growth in real term incomes is not expected until 2025*. This will potentially see shoppers being more careful in their choices to try to moderate their spending, which is already being seen as consumers switch to own-label bread products or shopping more at grocery discounters to save money. Given that bread products are a grocery staple, and an essential purchase for most people, volume sales should be fairly well protected, with only small declines anticipated.

Breakfast and lunch remain the main occasions for eating bread and rolls. This makes competition from other foods for these mealtimes a key factor in the fortunes of all bread products.

Where people eat breakfast and lunch will also play a key role in whether they choose bread or other foods. This year bread should benefit from people making packed lunches to take into work, a classic way of saving money. The post-COVID enduring shift to more people working at home all or some of the time will also continue to support sales.

Own-label has increased its share of sales, reflecting shoppers’ greater focus on price during the cost-of-living crisis. This includes more shopping at discounters that have a much bigger emphasis on own-label, as well as own-label gaining share at the other supermarkets.


Rolls made with vegetables, seeds and pulses incorporated into the dough stand out as an untapped opportunity, lending added weight to keeping those who don’t see bread as healthy still buying it.

Developing more choice of flavours in bread and rolls could help sales, given that 56% of eaters and buyers of bread and rolls would like to see more such variety.

Being wholegrain or having high fibre content are the top nutritional factors affecting choice of bread and rolls, with 52%* of buyers attaching importance to either one of these, and having a strong interest in healthier attributes in all bread related products.

Premium launches

Products with a premium positioning accounted for more than a fifth of total new launches in bread in the first nine months of 2022, as captured by Mintel GNPD. These were all products under premium own-label ranges.

Flavoured variants continue to feature prominently in bread and rolls launches. Garlic or cheese, or combinations of these with herbs, are the most common flavours, flavoured breads coming mostly in meal accompaniment.

Bread and rolls remain a basket staple, purchased by 97% of adults in the preceding month when surveyed in August 2022, unchanged from 2020 and 2021.

Types of bread products brought

Purchasing of Bread and Bread Products – Types of bread and bread products brought –  2019-2022 

Since 2019 the types of bread buns, rolls and baps bought has seen a consistent level across this category.

Rolls are amongst the top 3 bread items bought, just behind packaged sliced loaf and any bread.

*According to Mintel Bread UK 2022 summary



Giving Your Business the Edge

ADM can help to give your business an edge by supporting you with product guidance, technical advice and support, in-house point of sale and considerably more.

Download our Assorted Rolls Recipe Card. This features, white, brown, wholemeal as well as high fibre, panini and pletzel rolls.

Our Ingredients Bake All the Difference – ADM offers a very comprehensive portfolio of tried-and-tested flours, on-trend specialty milled ingredients, baking mixes and complementary ingredients—all backed by over a century of milling experience. Our bakers, millers and technical experts are at the ready to help you select the right ingredients for better baking results and to achieve your business goals faster.

The Right Products – ADM offers a variety of flours and specialty milled products and continues to develop more—to meet the functional and quality needs of our customers and their customers.

Excellence That’s Baked Right In – ADM provides high grade flours and blends to help your baking business succeed, batch after batch and loaf after loaf. We offer stand-out quality flours and blends, deliver the reliability and trust you need to ensure higher quality, better performance, and more consistent yields.

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