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ADM’s Deliciously Decadent Vegan Doughnut & Bun Concentrate

Looking for time-saving, easy-to-use solutions to help you meet the demand for plant-based products?

Check out ADM’s new Vegan Doughnut & Bun Concentrate; the latest addition to our expanding range of vegan mixes to help grow your offering.

Why is it important to include vegan-friendly products in your range

Vegetarian, vegan, and free-from eating habits has skyrocketed in the last 3 years with 32% of vegan women and 49% of vegan men transitioned within the past year alone, this indicates that the number of people eating a plant-based diet is rising sharply and shows no signs of stopping.

The pandemic has boosted interest in plant-based foods and claims have grown across all food and drink categories and are poised to follow the growth trajectory of all-natural claims, as consumers associate both with healthy eating and being more environmentally aware. Bakery brands can capitalise by using plant-based claims to respond to consumers’ demands.

study earlier this year found that many British people had converted to veganism in part because of the pandemic.

*Source:; UK – What influenced vegans to convert in 2020 and what are their newby concerns

The Veganuary campaign has seen approx. 580,000 sign up for 2022 rising from 500,000 in 2021 and 400,000 in 2020 with the UK topping the charts for top sign ups.

*Source: According to

Vegan indulgence is now a firm part of the sweet bakery offering in the UK, also helped along by the simple fact that indulgence products are frequently intended for sharing with others, e.g. among friends and in the office. By not providing vegan choices, brands are not merely missing out on a handful of vegan customers’ business, but potentially on a much bigger consumer spend courtesy of vegans’ friends, family and co-workers keen on including them in a sharing experience.

With this in mind we welcome the new ADM Vegan Doughnut and Bun Mix to sit alongside the Vegan Chocolate Cake Mix and Vegan Chocolate Fudge Icing Mix. As one base can create a multitude of products, these time-saving, easy-to-use mixes give you the versatility to consistently create a full vegan-friendly range of delicious sweet bakes, achieving baking success time and time again.

Brands are also reacting to consumer demand to make it easier for them to meet their wider dietary goals such as increasing plant based options and enhancing their overall health. This can be seen through the launch of ready-portioned, pre-mixed or pre-prepared health foods and ingredients.

Bakeries have been launching vegan versions of existing products, from sausage rolls, pasties and pies, croissants and pain au chocolat with smaller regional bakeries launching their own versions of vegan sweet and savoury baked goods.

Meeting consumer demand with ADM baking solutions

The ADM Vegan Range

Providing bakers with versatile, time-saving and easy-to-use solutions to create a vegan-friendly range of delicious sweet bakes.

Because following a vegan diet shouldn’t mean compromising on great taste and texture and customers should be able to expect to enjoy the same delicious bakery products regardless of their food lifestyle choices.

*NEW* ADM Vegan Doughnut & Bun Concentrate

Product code: 4377-16

  • Blend with a premium white flour, such as ADM’s Vienna Spring, to produce a variety of bakes from scrumptious fried doughnuts with a light and fluffy dough to soft buns, fruity hot cross buns and hybrid doughnuts.
  • Download the recipe card for details of just how easy it is to create exciting plant-based bakes such as Double Choco Doughnuts, Lemon/Blueberry Buns and Fruity Hybrid Doughnuts.

ADM Vegan Chocolate Cake Mix

Product code: 4376-12

  • With just the addition of vegetable oil and water, this luxurious chocolate cake mix can be used to create a multitude of sumptuous bakes including, celebration cakes, muffins, loaf cakes and much more!
  • Download the recipe card for inspiring chocolate baked treats.

ADM Vegan Chocolate Fudge Icing Mix

Product code: 302-12

  • Certified by The Vegan Society, this easy-to-use mix just needs the addition of water to mix a base icing.
  • Then top, pipe or fill to give your vegan-friendly bakes an all-round luxurious sensation.
  • Once made up, icing may be also heated like fondants (Bain Marie or microwave – do not overheat). This will give a pourable icing/glaze that gives a smooth gloss finish. Ideal for flooding Gateaux bases.
  • Download the Vegan Doughnut & Bun Concentrate recipe card for full details.


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