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2023 – ADM Milling – Easter Trends

Easter solutions to suit everyone

One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns. From the nursery rhyme to supermarket shelves, there’s no escaping the iconic bakery treats at this time of year.

In a survey completed by the Craft Bakers Association in 2022 showed that more than three quarters of craft bakers were expecting to sell more hot cross buns than in 2021

UK spending for Easter in 2023 is expected to be higher than pre pandemic levels rising by 4.2% to £1.7bn1

By linking limited-edition baked goods to seasonal events such as Easter creates a real sense of occasion to encourage product trial. Likewise, innovative additions can complement the traditional Easter treats, for example, exciting flavours such as Sticky Toffee, Cranberry and White Chocolate or experiment with something more savoury like a Cheese and Chive or Jalapeno and Sweet Chili.

ADM Milling, as a supplier of high-quality baking ingredients, can help bakers capitalize on the Easter season by providing you with ingredients that “bake” all the difference for your Easter-themed creations. Use our Traditional Easter Biscuits recipe (also suitable for Vegans) to welcome the arrival of spring, decorating with the colours of nature; alongside the traditional yellow we most associate with Easter, be sure to include lots of blue, pink, green and purple as well!


Say goodbye to the dark, cold winter and welcome the sun!

New formats and hybrids also present opportunities for revolutionary bakes. Consider mixing traditional and modern. For something different, create hot cross bun cupcakes, loaves, and biscuits. Alternatively, add simnel spice to traybakes and cakes.

ADM Milling offers a wide range of ingredients including flours, bun mix and carrot cake mix, all of which are high quality, have excellent yield consistency and have great performance; all of which are essential for making traditional Easter treats as well successes for bakers. Download the ADM Easter Recipes sheet filled with delicious Easter bakes to be fully prepared for this year’s Easter rush!

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Watch our video here:

2023 - ADM Milling - Easter Trends


2023 - ADM Milling - Easter Trends


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