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ADM Milling UK

ADM UK Customer Day 2023: Feeding Your Food Business for a Sustainable Future

ADM UK Feeding Your Food Business

ADM UK Customer Day 2023

Watch the highlights from this year’s event at ADM WILD in Manchester, on Tuesday 16 May 2023, which brought together ADM UK’s businesses under the theme “Feeding Your Business for a Sustainable Future” hosted by Alistair Cross, Managing Director ADM Milling & ADM UK Country Manager.

ADM UK Customer Day 2023

Key speakers included: Marc Ostwald, Chief Economist & Global Strategist, ADM Investor Services International Ltd; Tracy Lynch, Manager, The Greggs Foundation; Hugh Martineau, Head of Sustainability, Map of Ag; and Melissa Snover, CEO/Founder, Nourished.

In attendance were over 30 customers from major retailers, food manufacturers, and leading UK animal nutrition companies.

The group of expert speakers took the stage to shed light on crucial topics shaping our world today. From economic outlook to food security, sustainability to health and wellness.

The first speaker, Marc Ostwald, Chief Economist & Global Strategist, ADM Investor Services International Ltd, provided a comprehensive analysis of the global economic landscape. Marc explored emerging trends and discussed the impact of geopolitical factors on financial markets.

Next was Tracy Lynch from The Greggs Foundation. Tracy explained how The Greggs Foundation’s purpose is to build stronger, healthier communities and focuses on addressing the issues of poverty and inequality. Ensuring food is at the heart of communities and supporting local community organisations to help make a real difference.

Hugh Martineau, Head of Sustainability, Map of Ag then took the stage, delving into the opportunities and challenges in implementing regenerative farming systems.

Finally, Melissa Snover, CEO/Founder of Nourished, spoke about her passion for personalised solutions across preventative and curative health.

ADM Milling wheat flour mills UK England Wales Scotland

ADM – United Kingdom At a Glance

ADM UK Customer Day 2023

ADM has been present in the UK for over a century and continues to operate sites across the country. This includes one of the UK’s largest import and distribution businesses of non-grain feed ingredients, a crop origination and marketing business, storage, freight, logistics and financial services and seven flour mills. ADM’s Oilseeds business unit is further supported by two oil refineries, a pulse and seed processing plant, as well as a packing facility for edible oils and fats. In addition, the company operates a probiotic manufacturing facility in Somerset.

ADM Milling wheat flour mills UK England Wales Scotland

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Our Ingredients Bake All the Difference 

ADM offers a very comprehensive portfolio of tried-and-tested flours, on-trend specialty milled ingredients, baking mixes and complementary ingredients—all backed by over a century of milling experience. Our bakers, millers and technical experts are at the ready to help you select the right ingredients for better baking results and to achieve your business goals faster.

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