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ADM Milling test-drives 19-tonne electric vehicle in UK trial

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ADM Milling test-drives 19-tonne electric vehicle in UK trial

We [ADM Milling UK Ltd] are delighted to have participated in what vehicle manufacturer DAF Trucks has described as ‘one of the largest and most significant deployments of zero-emission trucks in the UK to date’.

ADM Milling UK is working towards ADM’s Strive 35 ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) goals to reduce our carbon footprint. As part of this plan, our Tilbury distribution team participated in a two week trial of a 19-tonne DAF Electric Vehicle. During this time deliveries were made daily in London using the electric vehicle. Usage data, analysis and driver’s feedback were provided to DAF Trucks to assist in the further development of zero emission heavy goods vehicles.

The initiative forms part of a Battery Electric Truck Trial (BETT) which is being backed by £10 million of funding from the Department of Transport and is part of the government’s wider £20 million zero emission road freight trials. The BETT is designed to provide a full picture of electric truck use, focusing on vehicles, charging infrastructure, user training, repair and maintenance and total cost-of-ownership.*

Richard Davies, ADM Milling’s National Trainer and Assessor, has been making deliveries to London based customers using the trial vehicle; “As a concept it’s brilliant and it works; environmentally and for the company!” says Davies. “Additional benefits to being eligible to operate in the capital’s Ultra Low Emission Zone and Congestion Charge Zone without incurring charges. An electric motor also has a much faster acceleration than its diesel counterpart, resulting in the 19-tonne truck’s acceleration matching that of a car. This gives the driver the opportunity to join traffic more easily. This alongside the regenerative braking system – where power is transferred from the braking system to charge the battery – makes it ideal for the stop/start of driving in an urban environment.”

The potential to operate a fleet of electric vehicles doesn’t just answer the need to improve air quality in our cities, it also reduces noise pollution. “Early morning deliveries during the trial were much quieter for residents” notes Davies.

With the Government having set ambitious targets to end the sale of non-zero emission heavy goods vehicles from 2035 (for vehicles of 26-tonne GVW and below, and 2040 for heavier vehicles) we [ADM Milling UK Ltd] are thrilled to be involved in an initiative that is expected to make a significant and positive impact upon the move to zero emission vehicles.

ADM Milling test-drives 19-tonne electric vehicle in UK trial

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*For further information on the Battery Electric Truck Trial (BETT) visit

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